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The Big REthink: Understanding ESG’s Impact on Business

The Big Rethink podcast on ESG

Today, as climate concerns continue to rise, consumers, employees and investors are looking for a lot more transparency from the companies they buy from, work for and support. On this episode of The Big REthink, Lee Taylor, co-founder and CEO of REsurety, talks to host Brian Rowley about the current state of clean energy initiatives, what REsurety is doing to make a positive impact, and what the future of clean energy looks like. He also breaks down what it all means for business.

Listen to a short clip from the podcast below, or listen to the full podcast here.

Eight Minutes Podcast: Emissions First

Eight Minutes podcast
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Not all renewable power projects are alike. A wind project placed next to another wind project may not have the same impact on reducing carbon emissions as one placed near a coal facility. The location and timing of when the renewable power is produced is important in order to truly maximize the impact.

Enter REsurety, an analytics firm that is providing large commercial & industrial consumers of electricity with the data and insight needed to maximize the value from these renewable projects. Lee Taylor, CEO of REsurety, joins Paul Schuster to discuss the importance of an Emissions First perspective on project development.

You can find the full podcast as well as a condensed version here, and a full transcript with a PDF download option below.