Build high-value renewable energy projects and manage financial risks

Read the customer story featuring Broad Reach Power who uses REsurety’s LME data to clearly communicate the carbon abatement impact of their storage projects.

Broad Reach

“With a storage pipeline exceeding 20GW, granular carbon emissions data is mission critical in assisting Broad Reach Power more efficiently reduce carbon emissions while increasing grid reliability; REsurety provides that data.

EVP of Origination, Broad Reach Power

Market Analytics


Evaluate development opportunities more quickly and accurately with Project Explorer, which offers unparalleled, data-driven visibility into renewable energy market performance and trends. Locate and contract high-value projects and benchmark the performance of your operating projects, all with a couple of clicks.


Project Explorer

Carbon Impact


Measure the precise carbon impact of your projects without relying on regional or market-wide averages. High time-granularity LMEs can also accurately evaluate the carbon benefits of energy storage that charges when emissions intensities are low and discharges when emissions intensities are high.


Locational Marginal Emissions

Risk Management


Manage the financial risks associated with your renewable energy procurements.


Risk Management Services

Portfolio Tracking & Forecasting


Understand the drivers of financial, operational, and carbon emissions performance, both at the hourly and aggregate level, of your renewable energy VPPAs using Portfolio Tracker. Quickly understand you VPPA settlements and how these may change throughout the life of your contract.


Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker Analysis Tab