Empowering advisors with data and insight

Read the customer story featuring Marathon Capital who uses REsurety’s REmap product to address client questions, sort through RFPs, and select the right opportunities for their clients.

Market Analytics


REmap offers an unrivaled breadth and depth of renewable energy market data and insight. Win engagements and deliver against them for your clients with data-driven insights and the tools to communicate complex topics simply.



Portfolio Tracking and Forecasting


“Set it and forget it” contracting for renewable energy is a thing of the past. Today’s leading clean energy buyers and sellers dynamically track and manage their assets and portfolios. With REview, understand the drivers of financial, operational, and carbon emissions performance, at both the hourly and aggregate level.



REsurety REview

Carbon Impact


REsurety’s Locational Marginal Emissions technology provides unprecedented visibility into the projects that maximize our path to decarbonization – and those that don’t. Work with REsurety to ensure your client’s carbon intelligence matches their financial intelligence.


Locational Marginal Emissions

Risk Management


Predicting value and understanding risk is only half the battle. Acting on that information by shedding the risks you don’t want or aren’t able to hold is critical. REsurety provides the industry-leading toolkit for risk management.


Risk Management Services