REsurety is the leading analytics company empowering the clean energy economy

REsurety’s Co-Founder and CEO, Lee Taylor, and Devon Lukas

REsurety has the tools your organization needs to identify value and manage risks from your clean energy projects and investments

REsurety is the leading analytics company empowering the clean energy economy. Operating at the intersection of weather, power markets and financial modeling, we enable the industry’s key decision makers with best-in-class value and risk intelligence, and the tools to act on it. With the world’s most sophisticated clean energy investors, advisors, buyers, and developers as clients, REsurety empowers its clients to thrive in the dynamic, complex, clean energy-fueled future.

“REsurety’s products represent the future of the renewable energy industry.”

Jim Howell, CEO & Co-Founder
Birch Infrastructure

“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the REsurety team in executing several unique transactions across our portfolio. While they have been a pleasure to work with, what has impressed me most about their team is the flexibility and market knowledge to structure products which satisfy project demands on multiple levels.”

Matt Riley, CEO
Infinity Renewables

“REsurety’s Proxy Revenue Swap product performs as advertised. Capital Power looks carefully at the PRS whenever we look to de-risk and finance our projects.”

Paul Wendelgass, Managing Director
Capital Power

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Spotlights Featuring REsurety Employees

Employee Spotlight on Jessica Tomaszewski, Research Scientist

“I decided to lean back into my love for the environment and found that I could apply my expertise in meteorology to support the fight against climate change.” “I grew up in a northwest suburb of Chicago called Crystal Lake. As a child, I always had an interest in science, especially natural and physical science… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Austin Thomas, Power Markets Research Associate

“The weather had the fun, sciency things going on, and I always had an interest in it.” “I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. I’m a very proud Chicagoan, always will be. Growing up I always had an interest in science in general, in various forms. I watched a lot of PBS documentaries,… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Jocelyn Kleiger, Software Engineer

“With the work that I do, it’s a means to an end for something that’s much greater than myself and will constantly be moving in a positive direction.” “I’m from Long Island, around the North Shore area. My sister and my dad would say that I was a cute kid, and my brother would say… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Morgan O’Connell, Revenue Operations Associate

“I love music and food, which relates to my love of cooking. But then when I’m able to grab some time for painting, that’s a different kind of vibe.” “I grew up around Boston on the South Shore. I would say as a kid, I loved learning and meeting new people. I was kind of… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Nikhil Ramakrishnan, Marketing Specialist

“Where I grew up in India was a huge inspiration to me and shaped who I am today. So being able to incorporate parts of that in my music and my creative process is rewarding.” “I grew up all over the place. I was born in Pennsylvania, but I only lived there for two or… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Sarah Sofia, Software Engineer and Solar Energy Expert

“I remember in high school, people were often surprised that I was interested in STEM and art, but I think they’re super connected and that a lot of engineering is creative.” “I liked math and science but I also danced very seriously growing up, doing ballet, tap, and jazz. I remember in high school, people… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Jennifer Newman, VP of Atmospheric Science Research

Jennifer Newman

“I found anecdotally that a lot of meteorologists also play instruments.” “I grew up in the Boston area, and my dad was a sportswriter and my mom works in medical book publishing. So not really all that science-related. But I’ve always loved blizzards and snowstorms and thunderstorms. I still absolutely love snow. Growing up in… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Shane Hall, Senior Software Engineer

Shane Hall

“For me engineers were heroes changing the world with pencil and paper.” “Middle school science class kicked off my dream to become an engineer. I grew up listening to my dad talk about my great-uncle George Philbrick, who pioneered operational amplifiers in early computers in the 1950s. For me engineers were heroes changing the world… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Lizzy Kalikasingh, Associate, Risk Analytics

Lizzy Kalikasingh

“I was very science and math oriented. And my favorite time of the year was the science fair.” “The first memories I have of wanting to pursue a degree in engineering are from third grade. They gave us a huge book of career opportunities, and I was like, ‘Oh, chemical engineering sounds like a cool… Read more »

Employee Spotlight on Matt Livingston, Senior Associate, Risk Analytics

Matt Livingston

“I used to get home from school and instead of turning on cartoons, I’d watch the Weather Channel.” “I think it’s pretty typical in the meteorology community to have a weather event when you’re very young that was either very memorable, like a big snowstorm, or very scary, like a hurricane or a tornado. And… Read more »

A New Software Engineer at REsurety Explains Why She Joined the Team

Lauren Ransohoff

REsurety was just named one of Boston’s “Best Places to Work.” Lauren Ransohoff, a new engineer, shares how she made the decision to join our team. Lauren Ransohoff, of Providence, Rhode Island, trained as a mechanical engineer at Cornell University and University of Michigan before going on to challenging work in radar systems and nanomanufacturing.… Read more »