Measure and maximize carbon impact with LMEs

Technology that provides unprecedented visibility into the projects and activities that maximize your path to decarbonization, and those that don’t.

REsurety’s David Luke Oates and Amit Ranjan explain the challenge that LMEs solve.

REsurety’s Locational Marginal Emissions (LME) data helps you measure and maximize the carbon impact of each renewable energy project, storage asset, or load center.

The carbon emissions avoided by a given MWh of clean energy varies widely, even across projects located within the same region in the grid. REsurety’s LME technology provides unprecedented visibility into the projects and activities that maximize your path to decarbonization, and those that don’t. 

To decarbonize the fastest and the most cost-effectively, we need to be able to understand the carbon impact of each MWh coming from a specific wind, solar, or storage plant. REsurety’s LME data gives us the transparency we need to make climate-wise investments.

Brian Janous, GM of Energy and Renewables

Understanding the carbon impact for all current and future portfolio projects is central to our purpose as a climate positive investor. LMEs offer precision that previously did not exist in the marketplace.

Rich Santoroski, Chief Risk Office
Hannon Armstrong

LME data will offer policy makers and consumers the information they need to shift program dollars to where it can make the greatest impact.

Kathleen Spees, Principal
The Brattle Group

We are eager to apply this data-driven approach to empower our clients to invest in projects with the largest carbon-reducing impact.

Joan Hutchinson, Managing Director
Marathon Capital

REsurety is tackling a fundamental data gap we have all been grappling with. Reducing carbon emissions by deploying impactful renewables at scale lies at the core of our work.

David Scaysbrook, Managing Partner

REsurety’s LMEs provide us with an extra level of confidence in our calculations.

Mike Mattera, Director of Corporate Sustainability
Akamai Technologies

With a storage pipeline exceeding 14 GW, granular carbon emissions data is crucial to ensure we more efficiently reduce carbon emissions while increasing grid reliability.

Paul Choi, EVP of Origination
Broad Reach Power


Measure your impact

Monitor how much each specific clean energy procurement, load-siting, or energy storage decision contributes to your sustainability goals.

Maximize your impact

Compare projects or investment opportunities to select those with the greatest decarbonization potential.

Understand your impact

Identify the drivers of carbon abatement, from the impact of congestion to the fuels displaced by your specific clean energy project.


  • Project-specific reporting; API access launching shortly
  • Hourly, nodal granularity
  • Currently available in ERCOT and PJM; CAISO coming soon
LME Brochure

Read the white paper

Traditional methods of Scope 2 carbon accounting overlook the meaningful differences between projects and load center locations. Learn more about Locational Marginal Emissions and what REsurety is doing to bring in much needed transparency and accuracy into avoided carbon emissions calculations.

Cover page of Locational Marginal Emissions white paper authored by REsurety.