Renewable Energy Portfolio Management Toolkit

SaaS designed specifically for clean energy buyers and investors to forecast, audit and explain the financial and environmental outcomes of clean energy projects and contracts.


Forecast settlement over months and years


Analyze how contracts are performing


Confidently explain financial and environmental outcomes

Portfolio Tracker Applications and Features


  • Extends REsurety’s existing SaaS product capabilities by providing insight into customer-specific projects and contracts.
  • Analyzes how your contracts are performing and what risks they hold.
  • Evaluates how settlement is expected to occur going forward over the coming months and years.
  • Measures both project-specific carbon emissions performance alongside project-specific financial performance.


  • Harnesses massive project performance and high resolution weather datasets.
  • Provides a breakdown of drivers of financial, operational, and carbon emissions performance, both at the hourly and aggregate level.
  • Offers high accuracy estimates of project and contract performance long before project data is typically provided.
  • Leverages REsurety’s models and makes the insights they enable accessible to corporate buyers or investors through just a few clicks.


REsurety Portfolio Tracker

View historical data at the hourly level, digging into metrics such as generation and price to discover what hours had the most significant impact on contract performance.

Get a quick summary of key contract terms.

With this tabular view, users can analyze their portfolio’s performance using various filters and time ranges.

REsurety’s Professional Services

Whether you’re looking to get a jump-start with your Portfolio Tracker implementation or a long-term partnership, REsurety’s professional services team is available to assist. Our team is a mix of meteorologists, renewable energy and power markets experts, and software engineers who have been working with clean energy leaders for more than a decade. Here are some of the Portfolio Tracker services that we offer:

  • Invoice auditing: highlight discrepancies using REsurety’s independent calculations.
  • Availability tracking: understand project operational performance and anticipate applicable availability damages, including subsequent diligence of availability guarantee calculations.
  • Settlement and generation forecasting: REsurety’s Weather-Smart modeling predicts how many MWh and RECs your portfolio may generate and how that could contribute to sustainability targets. REsurety also forecasts possible settlement outcomes to allow for more informed budgeting and accounting.
  • Performance benchmarking: compare your portfolio’s operational and basis metrics against nearby projects and regional averages.
  • Custom analysis and enhanced support: REsurety can liaise directly with projects to remediate billing and data discrepancies.

Since our services leverage our domain expertise and deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers, we’re happy to customize a services package to address your specific needs. Reach out to us by filling out the form below.

“We are pleased to incorporate REsurety’s dynamic new tool in service of our commitment to innovative client solutions. Like their entire set of software applications, Portfolio Tracker offers superior data with actionable insights to evaluate new renewable energy investments and monitor asset performance.”

Rich Santoroski, EVP, Chief Risk Officer and Co-Head of Portfolio Management, HASI

Read the Portfolio Tracker press release.

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