REsurety unveils renewable energy toolkit for portfolio management

Clean energy buyers and investors utilize the best-in-class SaaS to forecast, audit and explain the financial and environmental outcomes of clean energy projects and contracts

BOSTON, June 28, 2022 – REsurety, Inc., the leading analytics company empowering the clean energy economy, today announced a new SaaS analytics toolkit, REview. It’s the latest addition to the company’s software suite, which harnesses massive project performance and high resolution weather datasets to give clean energy buyers and investors a unique view into the financial and carbon emissions impact of the projects in their clean energy portfolios. 

The new toolkit extends REsurety’s existing market intelligence SaaS product capabilities by providing insight into customer-specific projects and specific contracts. REview customers can use the tool to analyze how their contracts are performing, what risks they hold, and how settlement is expected to occur over the coming months and years. The tool provides a breakdown of drivers of financial, operational, and carbon emissions performance, both at the hourly and aggregate level. 

Rich Santoroski, Chief Risk Officer and Co-head of Portfolio Management for Hannon Armstrong
Rich Santoroski

“We are pleased to incorporate REsurety’s dynamic new tool in service of our commitment to innovative client solutions,” said Rich Santoroski, Chief Risk Officer and Co-Head of Portfolio Management for HASI, and a Board member of REsurety. “Like their entire set of software applications, REview offers superior data with actionable insights to evaluate new renewable energy investments and monitor asset performance.”

REview delivers several unique benefits to customers: data speed and transparency, locational marginal emissions (LME) integration, and fundamentals-driven, scenario-based forecasting. REview provides high accuracy estimates of project and contract performance long before project data is typically provided; an independent and granular view of settlement and operational performance; and it’s the only tool on the market that measures both project-specific carbon emissions performance alongside project-specific financial performance. 

Lee Taylor, CEO of REsurety
Lee Taylor

“REsurety is excited to empower sustainability leaders with the insight and confidence they need to continue accelerating their investments in the clean energy-fueled future,” said REsurety CEO Lee Taylor. “Full visibility into project performance – both financial and environmental – and high confidence in the value and risk of future results is key for the long term success of this industry.”

For years, REsurety has used its proprietary data and analytics to accurately model the project output, carbon emissions impact, and financial value of clean energy generation. The new subscription service leverages these models and makes the insights they enable accessible to corporate buyers or investors through just a few clicks.

Screenshot of REsurety's new analytic tool, REview
REview helps customers understand settlement impacts potentially caused by a project’s operations by comparing modeled settlement to actual settlement.

Information about REview and its applications can be found here.

REview is currently in private launch with leaders in clean energy procurement, investment, and trading. General availability beyond the private launch is expected later this fall.

Companies may request an online demo of REview from an expert on the REsurety team by contacting [email protected]. Members of the news media may arrange for a demo by contacting Tara Bartley, [email protected].

About REsurety

REsurety is the leading analytics company empowering the clean energy economy. Operating at the intersection of weather, power markets, and financial modeling, we enable the industry’s decision-makers to thrive through best-in-class value and risk intelligence, and the tools to act on it. For more information, visit or follow REsurety on LinkedIn

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