REsurety is a mission-driven organization dedicated to accelerating the world's transition to a zero-carbon future.

REsurety provides software and services to support both the financial and sustainability goals of clean energy buyers, sellers, and investors.

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Q1 2023 State of the Renewables Market Report

A view of U.S. renewable energy performance.


REsurety creates the State of the Renewables Market report every quarter to provide readers with data-driven insight into the value and emerging trends of renewable generation in U.S. power markets. We use our domain expertise in power markets, atmospheric science, and renewable offtake to analyze thousands of locations and summarize key findings.

All of the data behind this analysis is curated by REsurety’s team of experts and available via our software products. It includes aggregated metrics for wind and solar projects operating in the U.S. All summaries are calculated using hourly-level data, and all energy-weighted price metrics are calculated using concurrent weather-driven generation and energy price time series.

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