As the scale and complexity of risks faced by investors, buyers and sellers of clean energy continues to grow, REsurety provides the tools needed to identify value and manage risks.

How REsurety Helps

Who is REsurety and what makes the company unique?

What is REsurety’s renewable energy market analytics platform (REmap)?

Why is it a great time to join REsurety?

What are REsurety’s risk management tools?

What challenge does REsurety’s Locational Marginal Emissions solution solve?

What is a customer-first philosophy?

Operating at the intersection of weather, power markets, and financial modeling

REsurety enables clean energy decision makers with best-in-class value and risk intelligence, and the tools to act on it.

About REsurety

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Atmospheric Science

It all starts with the weather

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Power Markets

Translating weather into value

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Financial Modeling

Quantifying & managing risk

REsurety’s Products

Risk Transfer

Manage the financial risks inherent to renewable energy investments and purchases. REsurety provides the industry-leading toolkit for risk management.

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Evaluate renewable energy projects more quickly and accurately. REmap provides unrivaled, data-driven insight into the financial performance of clean energy markets, assets and contracts.

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Locational Marginal Emissions (LMEs)

Measure and maximize the carbon impact of your sustainability decisions. Measure the carbon impact of your clean energy purchases and investments with precision and achieve your sustainability goals faster and with confidence.

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Forecast, audit, and explain the financial and environmental outcomes of clean energy projects and contracts. Analyze how contracts are performing, what risks they hold, and how settlement is expected to occur going forward.

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