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Buying and selling clean energy is challenged by the reliance on an unpredictable fuel: the weather.

REsurety provides its clients with the tools needed to understand and manage the risks associated with intermittent generation.

Our Capabilities

REsurety’s core competency lies in the successful integration of financial, engineering and scientific expertise. On a continuous basis we track and analyze the generation and financial performance of each of the 800+ operating wind farms across the U.S. - in many cases down to the individual turbine level. We break that performance down into mechanical, weather, commodity market and grid composition drivers, enabling us to accurately forecast the value and effectively mitigate the risks of renewable energy generation.

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Our Products

REsurety has pioneered the development of a range of innovative risk management tools for the clean energy industry, enabling unprecedented levels of financial certainty for clean energy buyers and sellers. 

Until recently, it was unheard of to hedge the financial exposure to renewable energy fuel risk: when and how much the wind blows and the sun shines. Today, however, REsurety has supported nearly 4,000 MW of transactions.  The success of our products speaks to the value they create for our clients. 

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Our Team

REsurety has built a team of experts specializing in engineering, science and finance. This gives us the unique ability to fully understand the interaction of weather and energy markets and deliver the financial and risk mitigation solutions required by buyers and sellers of renewable energy. Our expertise ranges from meteorologists to software engineers and project finance professionals. If you'd like be part of our dynamic, rapidly growing team please check our openings below.

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