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Confidently Partner on Renewable Project Investments Using REmap: Hannon Armstrong Case Study


We sat down with Rich Santoroski, Chief Risk Officer, and Raj Singamsetti, Market & Regulatory Lead of the climate investment firm Hannon Armstrong, to talk about how they use REmap to conduct investments in renewable projects. 

With more than $8 billion in managed assets, Hannon Armstrong’s (NYSE: HASI) core purpose is to make climate positive investment with superior risk-adjusted returns. The company’s vision is that every investment should improve its climate future, which is why they require that all prospective investments are neutral to negative on incremental carbon emissions or have some other tangible environmental benefit, such as reducing water consumption.

Hannan Armstrong uses REsurety tool REmap to evaluate renewable project investments.

We use REmap in every deal because we trust it to help us to understand real world performance and to determine the appropriate value of an investment.” 

Rich Santoroski, Chief Risk Officer, Hannon Armstrong 

Learn how Hannon Armstrong uses REsurety’s Renewable Energy Market Analytics Platform (REmap)

Hannon Armstrong Case Study explains how they use REsurety's REmap tool to evaluate renewable energy investments.
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