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REsurety Helps Akamai Power and Protect Life Online Sustainably

The most innovative companies worldwide choose Akamai to secure and deliver its digital experiences – helping billions of people live, work, and play every day. With the world’s largest and most trusted edge platform, Akamai keeps apps, code, and experiences closer to users – and threats farther away.

Akamai uses REsurety's lme data to better calculate emission impacts.

With REsurety’s locational marginal emissions (LME) data, Akamai is able to be far more accurate in its avoided emissions calculations. Instead of trying to make sense of inconsistent regional datasets, Akamai is able to calculate the precise impact of its activities at each location on the grid. In addition, REsurety’s project LME reports provide visibility into why emissions are what they are – for example, showing how much gas or coal is being displaced, or how much wind is being curtailed due to Akamai’s activities. Lastly, Akamai is now able to use the LME data to evaluate new PPA opportunities to ensure that it is focusing its efforts on the locations and technologies that can have the biggest impact on carbon emissions. Learn more by downloading the case study.

“…LMEs bring the environmental community five steps closer to the measurement accuracy needed to solve the global emissions crisis.”

– Mike Mattera, Director of of Corporate Sustainability and ESG Officer, Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologie's Mike Mattera

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REsurety Enables Broad Reach Power’s Grid Decarbonization

Broad Reach Power (BRP) is a leading U.S. utility-scale independent power producer (IPP) that understands the long-term value and rapid growth of energy storage as an infrastructure asset, particularly in those markets transitioning from traditional to renewable generation. BRP’s facilities provide flexibility, reliability, and environmental benefits while generating revenues from both risk-management contracts and spot-market opportunities.

Broad Reach Power explains how using locational marginal emissions affects their decision-making on renewable projects.

“With a storage pipeline exceeding 20GW, granular carbon emissions data is mission critical in assisting Broad Reach Power more efficiently reduce carbon emissions while increasing grid reliability; REsurety provides that data.”

– Paul Choi, EVP of Origination, Broad Reach Power

Learn how Broad Reach Power uses REsurety’s Locational Marginal Emissions (LMEs) to measure impact, offer innovative solutions and identify project locations.

REsurety enables Broad Reach Power's Grid Decarbonization with their locational marginal emissions (LME) tool.

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Confidently Partner on Renewable Project Investments Using REmap: HASI (fka Hannon Armstrong) Case Study

HASI logo

We sat down with Rich Santoroski, Chief Risk Officer & Co-Head, Portfolio Management, and Raj Singamsetti, Market & Regulatory Lead of the climate investment firm HASI, to talk about how they use REmap to conduct investments in renewable projects. 

With more than $8 billion in managed assets, HASI’s (NYSE: HASI) core purpose is to make climate positive investment with superior risk-adjusted returns. The company’s vision is that every investment should improve its climate future, which is why they require that all prospective investments are neutral to negative on incremental carbon emissions or have some other tangible environmental benefit, such as reducing water consumption.

We use REmap in every deal because we trust it to help us to understand real world performance and to determine the appropriate value of an investment.” 

Rich Santoroski, EVP, Chief Risk Officer, & Co-Head – Portfolio Management, HASI

Learn how HASI uses REsurety’s Renewable Energy Market Analytics Platform (REmap)

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Marathon Helps Clients Choose the Right Renewable Opportunities Using REmap

REsurety sat down with Joan Hutchinson, Managing Director at Marathon Capital, to talk about how her team uses REmap to inform their corporate clients on renewable energy procurement.

ABOUT MARATHON CAPITAL: Marathon Capital is a world-class investment bank with a mission to achieve their clients’ strategic and financial objectives by delivering inspired, knowledge-based solutions to the clean power, sustainable technologies & infrastructure markets. Marathon Capital is a leader in transformational deals across the global clean energy landscape bringing over 20 years of renewable energy and clean technology experience.

REsurety customer story with Marathon Capital cover page.

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