REsurety Enables Broad Reach Power’s Grid Decarbonization

Broad Reach Power (BRP) is a leading U.S. utility-scale independent power producer (IPP) that understands the long-term value and rapid growth of energy storage as an infrastructure asset, particularly in those markets transitioning from traditional to renewable generation. BRP’s facilities provide flexibility, reliability, and environmental benefits while generating revenues from both risk-management contracts and spot-market opportunities.

Broad Reach Power explains how using locational marginal emissions affects their decision-making on renewable projects.

“With a storage pipeline exceeding 20GW, granular carbon emissions data is mission critical in assisting Broad Reach Power more efficiently reduce carbon emissions while increasing grid reliability; REsurety provides that data.”

– Paul Choi, EVP of Origination, Broad Reach Power

Learn how Broad Reach Power uses REsurety’s Locational Marginal Emissions (LMEs) to measure impact, offer innovative solutions and identify project locations.

REsurety enables Broad Reach Power's Grid Decarbonization with their locational marginal emissions (LME) tool.

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