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The Fight To Define Clean Hydrogen, as published by GreenBiz

What counts as green hydrogen is a $100 billion dollar question.

Authored by Sarah Golden, VP of Energy, GreenBiz Group

GreenBiz addresses the challenges behind defining what “clean hydrogen” really means, with different stakeholders in the industry advocating for definitions that would secure them high investments and large returns. Lee Taylor provides his perspective on the matter and REsurety’s energy matching data is featured. See below for an excerpt from the article.



“How it would work: An electrolyzer is placed somewhere close to a clean energy plant (solar, wind, hydro, nuclear), and runs directly off clean energy.

I confess, before thinking about this, I pictured this to be how green hydrogen would work, as ‘green’ generally refers to hydrogen created from exclusively clean energy. ‘Clean’ hydrogen, on the other hand, has a bit more flexibility, as it would include hydrogen made from dirty energy with carbon capture.

The upshot: While demonstrably clean, this method is not scalable at the level needed for clean hydrogen to displace conventional hydrogen today – much less ramp up to other applications.

‘[Co-locating electrolysis with clean energy] will work in a very small number of geographies, and at an extremely high cost,’ said Lee Taylor, CEO of REsurety, who spoke to me about these four buckets. ‘You just won’t get the growth of the hydrogen industry if it all has to be co-located on site.'”

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