Blog post: REsurety Launches Integrated Platform of Clean Energy Software Solutions including New Project Evaluator Application

Tara Bartley, Vice President of Marketing at REsurety
Tara Bartley, VP of Marketing

Authored by Tara Bartley, VP of Marketing, REsurety

Today we’re announcing our unified software-as-a-service offering, the REsurety platform. Over the years, REsurety has built a reputation for delivering best-in-class clean energy software solutions to address the specific needs of our customers: buyers, sellers, and investors. Through collaboration with and feedback from those stakeholders, we have brought together our suite of products into one platform: offering end-to-end workflow support for our customers.

In addition to announcing our unified platform, we are also introducing a new application to the suite, Project Evaluator. Project Evaluator is a simulation tool for forecasting and backcasting wind and solar project and PPA performance. With the new tool, users can rank power purchase agreement RFP results based on expected financial value and risk, emissions impact, carbon free energy metrics, among others. For renewable projects and contracts, you can forecast generation and offtake settlements.

Simulate clean energy project performance and offtake contract settlement with REsurety's Project Evaluator.

“I’m thrilled to deliver our unified platform with the addition of Project Evaluator to our clients. We’re providing them with information and tools that they can’t access anywhere else – and with it, we’re helping our clients achieve their ambitious clean energy and carbon goals,” said Lee Taylor, CEO, REsurety. “I’m proud too of the REsurety team that has worked tirelessly to bring our roadmap to life.”

We have also received feedback from our customers that our naming conventions have historically been challenging to distinguish. So, we’ve addressed that by rolling out descriptive names. What was historically known as REmap, will now be referred to as two separate tiles, Project Explorer and Carbon Explorer. We’ve also changed the name of REview to Portfolio Tracker. When users log into:, these new names are reflected in the platform.

In addition to the functionality of Project Evaluator, The REsurety platform includes:

In Project Explorer you can view historical price and generation data for any project up to 20 years into the past or 20 years into the future. Historical data can even be modeled to pre-date a project’s commission date to simulate a longer back-cast of project performance. Forecasted power prices and generation are available across a range of power market conditions and weather scenarios to get a realistic range of possible future outcomes.

Carbon Explorer offers the ability to view and analyze historical and forecasted LME data for operational wind and solar projects in ERCOT, PJM, and CAISO. You can quickly access high-quality carbon emissions data paired with generation at the monthly (forecasted and historical) and hourly (historical only) level.

With Portfolio Tracker, you can analyze and audit how your contracts are performing and what risks they hold; evaluate how settlement is expected to occur over the coming months and years; and measure project-specific financial performance and carbon emissions performance. Perhaps most importantly, with Portfolio Tracker, you can confidently explain financial and environmental outcomes to your stakeholders.

The REsurety platform can be found at: For inquiries, please email: [email protected].

Please note: current REsurety customers will not see any immediate changes to their login or user experience and can expect a REsurety customer success representative to be in touch before any major updates.