How Playing Whack-a-Mole With Dirty Power Can Help the World Reach Net Zero, as published by Bloomberg

Understanding the real-time mix of power sources in electricity grids could be a win-win for companies and the planet.

Authored by Eric Roston

Bloomberg reviews the challenges behind corporations meeting net-zero goals and REsurety’s efforts with the new Energy Storage Solutions Consortium is highlighted. Read more below.


Electricity grid

“Until now, power investments have been made largely with a focus on maximizing revenue and reliability. Now they need to help the world reach net zero, too.

Meta Platforms Inc., the power data and analytics company REsurety Inc., and Broad Reach Power, which owns and operates clean energy projects in the US, last week launched an Energy Storage Solutions Consortium. The group wants to set up a freely available and independently approved method to measure the planetary greenhouse gas savings associated with grid-scale energy storage. The goal is to make sure battery-stored renewable power is displacing fossil-generated electricity.”

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