A deeper dive into 24/7 carbon-free energy, as published in Canary Media

Tech giants and startups are chasing more precise data to make the grid cleaner by the hour – and asking governments and regulators to catch up.

Authored by Jeff St. John

Canary Media’s Down to the Wire column tackles the more complicated challenges of decarbonizing our energy systems. Canary thanks CPower for its support of the column.

Last week, the EnergyTag initiative released standards designed to lay the groundwork for a global system that tracks and trades clean energy on an hour-by-hour basis — in other words, a standard for 24/7 carbon-free energy.

For the growing number of corporate energy buyers, clean-energy producers and energy-trading entities already shifting from annual to hourly clean-energy accounting, that kind of standard can’t come too soon. 

Corporate 24/7 clean-energy pioneers such as Google and Microsoft have already signed round-the-clock clean power contracts with power providers including AES and Engie. They’re also tracking clean energy from generation to consumption with European grid operators including Denmark’s Energinet.

To be able to meet the more discerning demands of corporate clean-energy buyers, developers such as Brookfield Renewables and Broad Reach Power and market-makers like Edison Energy are tapping the carbon-tracking capabilities of software and service providers including ClearTraceREsurety and WattTime.

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