REmap: Renewable Energy 
Market Analytics Platform

REsurety’s Renewable Energy Market Analytics Platform (REmap) is a new map based SaaS product that integrates weather and power market data at an unprecedented scale, providing clients with the industry-wide breadth and the site-specific depth of analysis needed to make better decisions faster.

REmap leverages REsurety’s unique expertise at the intersection of atmospheric science, power market modeling and big data. Billions of data points are integrated, quality controlled and analyzed to provide the financial metrics that are critical to renewable energy decision makers’ success.



REmap provides detailed financial performance information for nearly 2,000 operational projects and 13,000 simulated projects across wind and solar – each available instantaneously at the click of a button.



REmap provides information covering the last 10 years and the next 20 years across all US locations.



For each project, REmap calculates values at the hourly level and summarizes results across 30 metrics including generation, price, shape, basis, hedge performance and forward valuation.

REmap is a sea-change in the access to quantity and quality of data. It has assisted Marathon in providing our clients with data-driven insights and solutions efficiently – even before project data is shared.”

— Joan Hutchinson, Managing Director
    Marathon Capital

Identifying the optimal location to invest in renewables has always been somewhat of a dark art – relying on intuition and point-specific analyses. REmap gives us the information we need to truly optimize our procurement and hedging activities.”

— Jim Howell, CEO
    Birch Infrastructure

Our Customers


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Use Cases

M&A Sourcing & Screening

Expand your pipeline and filter opportunities better, faster, cheaper

Who - Late-stage Project Developers & Owner/Operators

Product Value - Start with the full picture: no need to wait for sellers to provide data or worry that it’s biased.

Outcome - Fast, data-driven decisions about where to allocate time and resources — and where not to.

Offtake Comparison & Analysis

Understand option set and evaluate on risk adjusted basis

Who - Project Developers & Investors

Product Value - Use site-specific data to quickly diligence and compare offtake structures; perform scenario analysis by varying inputs like the hedge price or settlement point to model offtake performance.

Outcome - Full visibility into offtake option set, enabling a project to choose the structure best aligned with financial goals given risk tolerance.

Greenfield Development

Prospecting without the speculation

Who - Project Developers, Investors & Lenders

Product Value - Full transparency into how a new build project would have performed historically, and insight into forward-looking risks.

Outcome - Never miss a diamond in the rough or fall victim to an analytical blind spot. Optimize project siting.

Hedge Product Indication

Start your discussions with precision: data-driven pricing estimates & comparative value

Who - Hedge Providers

Product Value - Avoid hours, days or weeks of modeling to kick off pricing discussions.

Outcome - Have precise discussions at the exploratory phase – both about cost of your products and risk-adjusted comparison with competition.

Business Development

Understand your client’s opportunities & threats as well as - or better than - they do

Who - Advisors & Brokers

Product Value - Skip ahead to your value proposition: analysis and recommendations – without waiting for data. Add to that head start with unprecedented market and historical context.

Outcome - Convert more prospects to clients – and keep them happy with superior results.

Procurement & RFP Admin

Compare RFP submissions on an apples-to-apples, risk-adjusted basis

Who - C&I Buyers & their Advisors

Product Value - Understand and account for project-specific metrics that impact vPPA value, hedge efficacy and credit risk.

Outcome - More informed contract selection to maximize success against procurement goals.

Features and Benefits

1. Performance for 15,000 wind and solar Projects in the U.S.

1. Performance for 15,000 wind and solar Projects in the U.S.

Efficiently access detailed financial performance information for nearly 2,000, operational projects and 13,000 simulated projects across wind and solar – each available instantaneously at the click of a button in a simple interface

One solution provides complete geographic insight into the U.S. renewable energy market for both Wind and Solar – including performance modeling of undeveloped areas.

2. FVS Settlement Simulation

2. FVS Settlement Simulation

Model P99 Fixed Volume Swap performance for any project:

  • Vary Price Type: 12x2, 12x24
  • Select Market: DA/RT
  • Choose Settlement Point: Hub/Node
  • Specify Hedge Price

See how a project would have actually performed under a standard offtake structure to determine expected risk- adjusted value.

3. Wide Temporal Range

3. Wide Temporal Range

Over 10 years of historical data (and growing) and up to 20 years of forward data, all updated regularly to include recent changes in historical market performance and forward curves.

Provides wide breadth of visibility into past as well as future performance.

4. Easy-to-Navigate Map and Search Functions

4. Easy-to-Navigate Map and Search Functions

Easy-to-search map with a complete view of the U.S. renewable energy market:

  • Easy-to-toggle fuel type, operational/modeled projects and time frames: map and charts instantly respond, quickly highlighting important performance gradients across ISOs, Hubs, and REzones
  • Zoom into regions and pinpoint projects to get complete insight

Navigate from an informative view of the entire U.S. Renewable Energy Market by zooming into desired region or project to get desired insight in seconds.

5. Project Explorer with 30+ Project Performance Metrics

5. Project Explorer with 30+ Project Performance Metrics

Comprehensive set of metrics to get complete performance insight into a project or comparison of multiple projects:

  • Generation
  • Price
  • Shape
  • Basis
  • Fixed Value Swap Performance
  • Forward Valuation

Instantly gain in-depth understanding of a project or across the complete U.S. renewable energy market without the need for consultants or time-consuming analysis.

6. Unrivaled Data Set and Analytical Modeling

6. Unrivaled Data Set and Analytical Modeling

Utilizes a broad and diverse set of up-to-date market performance data along with REsurety’s proprietary analytics to model performance at the hourly-level in order to capture market risk at its native granularity. REmap offers unmatched scale anywhere: 15,000 projects with over 10 years of historical data and 20 years of forecast data.

Make sure nothing important goes unnoticed. Have confidence in your understanding of project risks and enable quick decision-making.

7. Workflow Integration

7. Workflow Integration

Integrate data in your workflow by downloading curated data directly into analytics tools or charts. Manipulate data into the format and context needed.

Quickly capture data to meet your specific needs including integration with analytics, charts and presentations.

8. REzones: Renewable Energy Zones

8. REzones: Renewable Energy Zones

Using advanced analytics, REzones divide the U.S. into thousands of distinct geographic regions for both wind and solar to highlight areas that are expected to perform similarly, accounting for the generation volume, generation timing and power price.

REzones highlight performance gradients in a way that’s meaningful for renewable energy buyers and sellers to increase confidence that projected performance aligns with actual performance.

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