What is a Customer Advisory Board (CAB)?

Many businesses use a customer advisory board to assist them with market and customer research efforts. A customer advisory board is a group of customers who come together on a regular basis to share insights and advice with an organization. Usually, the members of a customer advisory board are high-level executives at their organizations and therefore can provide in-depth market insight.

REsurety’s CAB

REsurety’s Customer Advisory Board offers you a  direct and personal link to the entire team at REsurety to help you get more out of our solutions and the team and also to shape the future of REsurety’s solutions. The board helps the team at REsurety better understand what you care most about so that we can align our priorities with yours. As REsurety faces important strategic decisions around what direction our company and product roadmap should go in, your input is incredibly valuable to our success and in turn, to yours. 

REsurety’s CAB also offers an opportunity for you to network with like-minded colleagues to share ideas and collaborate in ways that you may not have otherwise. You, our customers, are our greatest asset and we created this CAB to spend more time with you and fulfill our company’s mission to empower the clean energy fueled future.

Logistics and Details

  • Meetings will take place once per quarter, three online and one in-person, beginning in Boston (when COVID restrictions permit). The in-person meeting will be partially funded by REsurety; we’ll pay for hotels, meals and entertainment and you cover your flight. Additional optional “spinoff” meetings will be scheduled as needed, in the instance that there is a lot of interest in a particular topic and we run out of time. 
  • Regular attendance is strongly encouraged.
  • We will survey all members well in advance of meetings to solicit feedback on dates/times, content and other input. 
  • Agendas will be shared well in advance of meetings. 
  • Your participation is critical to the success of the CAB! You will be asked to prepare in advance of all meetings, a little homework, if you will. We also encourage customer presentations, which inevitably are the best sessions during CAB meetings. 
  • REsurety loves marketing with its customers! It is not required but very welcome.
Tony Lapolito and Tara Bartley discuss REsurety’s customer-first philosophy.

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