Great decisions require great information.

REmap offers unprecedented market analytics & unrivaled, data-driven insight into the financial performance of clean energy markets, assets and contracts.

Identify opportunities and evaluate risk more quickly and accurately. From regional trend analysis to hourly project performance benchmarking, REmap delivers the breadth and depth of analysis you need, all with a couple of clicks.

price locations
30 +
critical metrics


Evaluate and diligence renewable project revenue and generation before spending time and money on third party analysis or reports.

Visualize and communicate market risks and trends to stakeholders with quick and transparent access to regional metrics and project-specific data.

Hourly Bulk Download

Download hourly paired generation and price time series with a couple of clicks to seamlessly integrate into your workflow.


We built REmap specifically for clean energy investors, developers, and buyers.

Developed by a highly-skilled team of atmospheric scientists and power market experts

Scrutinized by the financial community and relied upon by investors

Built for the renewable energy industry, by the renewable energy industry

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