Data-driven Insights

REsurety creates the REmap-powered State of the Renewables Market report every quarter to provide readers with data-driven insight into the emerging trends and value of renewables in U.S. power markets. We combine our domain expertise in power markets, atmospheric science, and renewable offtake to analyze thousands of projects and locations and summarize key findings here. All of the data behind this analysis is available via our interactive software tool, REmap.

REmap Q1 2022 report
REmap Q4 2021 Report

Q2 2022 Overview

Why Basis Should be on You Radar

Node to hub basis is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent financial risks for renewable developers and clean energy buyers alike. Although not a new issue, it has recently become more visible for two reasons: first, it is getting much worse in many areas with a lot of renewables, and second, clean energy buyers are increasingly taking on basis-risk exposure through contractual terms in PPA agreements. While basis used to be a risk only borne by project developers and investors, now corporates are sensitive to it as well. Download the Q2 2022 report.

Q1 2022 Overview

A Tale of Two Extremes in ERCOT

As the first quarter of 2022 concludes, we reflect on historic highs and historic lows. Another record in ERCOT marks the quarter’s passing, just as one did a year ago following the market events of February 2021. However, unlike the soaring prices of last year, this record involves a prolonged period of negative pricing, and another turn in a developing plotline we commented on last quarter. Download the Q1 2022 report.

Q4 2021 Overview

A Rising Tide Lifts Many (But Not All) Boats

The fourth quarter of 2021 was notable for its unusual highs and its unusual lows. Power prices at projects across the nation were sky-high relative to recent history, largely driven by elevated natural gas prices. At the same time, some wind and solar projects experienced record levels of negative price frequency, limiting the benefits of the higher price environment. Download the Q4 2021 REmap report.


Q3 2021 Overview

This report reveals the captured value of operational wind and solar projects in major US markets in Q3 2021, and highlights how those values have changed in each market over time. Data is aggregated from millions of data points across public and private sources to shed light on the value of renewable generation. Download the Q3 2021 REmap report.


Q2 2021 Overview

The second quarter of 2021 brought many updates to REmap including: 

1. Modeled Q2 PPA Performance Across Major Hubs

2. Coastal Texas Wind Projects Join the Rest of the Pack

3. Wide Basis Spreads for Wind Projects in Northern MISO. 

Download the Q2 2021 REmap report.