Identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and manage your portfolio of projects.


  • Expand your pipeline and filter opportunities better, faster, and cheaper.
  • View and analyze historical and forecasted Locational Marginal Emissions data.
  • Compare RFP submissions on an apples-to-apples, risk-adjusted basis.
  • Begin discussions with data-driven pricing estimates and comparative value.
  • Understand option set and evaluate on risk adjusted basis.


  • Analyze and audit how your contracts are performing and what risks they hold.
  • Gain insight into customer-specific projects and contracts.
  • Evaluate how settlement is expected to occur over the coming months and years.
  • Measure project-specific financial performance and carbon emissions performance.
  • Confidently explain financial and environmental outcomes.

“We are pleased to incorporate REsurety’s dynamic new tool in service of our commitment to innovative client solutions. Like their entire set of software applications, REview offers superior data with actionable insights to evaluate new renewable energy investments and monitor asset performance.”

Rich Santoroski, EVP, Chief Risk Officer and Co-Head of Portfolio Management

“REmap makes it easy to quickly step through different value and risk scenarios in an approachable way for our clients.”

Joan Hutchinson, Managing Director
Marathon Capital