Apex Clean Energy discusses their use of Proxy Revenue Swaps to expand clean energy

Dec 31, 2016

David Clemens, Apex Clean Energy's Director of Finance, discusses how the innovative Proxy Revenue Swap hedging structure has enabled Apex to bring more clean energy to market. 

Microsoft buys power from Bloom Wind Farm

Nov 14, 2016

Microsoft collaborates with Capital Power and Allianz Risk Transfer to buy clean power from Bloom Wind Farm - in connection with the project's existing Proxy Revenue Swap.  

Apex, Northleaf close Proxy Revenue Swap for 151-MW Texas wind farm

Jul 26, 2016

Allianz signs second U.S. Proxy Revenue Swap transaction, enabling financing and sale of Apex Clean Energy's Old Settler wind farm.

Allianz, Nephila, REsurety & Altenex partner to provide innovative Proxy Revenue Swap

May 05, 2016

The world's first Proxy Revenue Swap is announced - securing long term revenues for Capital Power's Bloom Wind Farm.

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