Microsoft has figured out a way to reduce risks associated with PPAs

Oct 16, 2018

GreenBiz covers Microsoft's use of Volume Firming Agreements to eliminate the intermittent generation risk of their renewable energy PPAs

Orrick, Microsoft & REsurety Whitepaper: Proxy Generation PPAs

Oct 16, 2018

Orrick, Microsoft and REsurety describe the Proxy Generation PPA: what it is and why it represents a necessary evolution of the corporate clean energy buyer's contract

Microsoft: Buying renewables should be easy

Oct 16, 2018

Microsoft discusses their co-development and adoption of Volume Firming Agreements: a tool that enables PPAs to more effectively serve as protection against energy price fluctuations.  

Australian packaging giant buys "baseload green power"

Sep 13, 2018

Packaging firm Orora collaborates with Allianz and Nephila Capital to buy clean energy from Macquarie's Lal Lal wind farm without the challenge of facing the wind project's fuel intermittency risk.  

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