ENGIE North America Announces Construction of Jumbo Hill Wind Project in Texas

Apr 16, 2019

Engie North America has signed another Proxy Revenue Swap; this time for its 160mw wind project, Jumbo Hill, in Texas.

Nephila Climate Announces First Proxy Revenue Swaps for Wind Project Re-Powering

Feb 28, 2019

Ares Management uses PRS structure to protect long term cash flows from a three-project portfolio in ERCOT totaling approximately 400MW of nameplate capacity.

Quinbrook closes financing on Ranchero Wind Farm in Texas

Jan 17, 2019

Quinbrook announces that they have closed financing on Ranchero Wind Farm in Texas, a 300MW project, via a Proxy Revenue Swap with Allianz Global & Specialty, Inc.'s Alternative Risk Transfer unit ('Allianz'), in partnership with Nephila Climate.  REsurety provided the risk analytics supporting the PRS transaction.

REsurety Surpasses 5 Gigawatts of Renewable Energy Risk Mitigation Contracts

Jan 09, 2019

REsurety-enabled risk mitigation products have become standard operating procedure for clean energy industry leaders.

Enel Starts Construction in U.S. of Its Largest Wind Farm Leveraging New Offtake Strategy

Jan 04, 2019

Italian energy giant Enel utilizes the largest Proxy Revenue Swap signed to date to support construction of its largest wind farm globally.

Microsoft: Buying renewables should be easy

Oct 16, 2018

Microsoft discusses their co-development and adoption of Volume Firming Agreements: a tool that enables PPAs to more effectively serve as protection against energy price fluctuations.

Macquarie Capital executes first Proxy Revenue Swap in Australia

Jun 19, 2018

The Lal Lal wind farm marks the first non-U.S. project to make use of the innovative Proxy Revenue Swap structure for long term revenue risk management. 

Invenergy secures long term revenues for Upstream wind farm with Proxy Revenue Swap

Feb 07, 2018

The transaction between Invenergy and Allianz Risk Transfer marks the fourth Proxy Revenue Swap to close in the U.S.

Bloom Wind recognized as North American Wind Deal of the Year

Mar 16, 2017

Capital Power's Bloom Wind is recognized for its use of the first Proxy Revenue Swap hedging structure to secure long term revenues.

Apex Clean Energy discusses their use of Proxy Revenue Swaps to expand clean energy

Dec 31, 2016

David Clemens, Apex Clean Energy's Director of Finance, discusses how the innovative Proxy Revenue Swap hedging structure has enabled Apex to bring more clean energy to market. 

Microsoft buys power from Bloom Wind Farm

Nov 14, 2016

Microsoft collaborates with Capital Power and Allianz Risk Transfer to buy clean power from Bloom Wind Farm - in connection with the project's existing Proxy Revenue Swap.  

Allianz, Nephila, REsurety & Altenex partner to provide innovative Proxy Revenue Swap

May 05, 2016

The world's first Proxy Revenue Swap is announced - securing long term revenues for Capital Power's Bloom Wind Farm.

Industry Coverage

US firm REsurety tackles vexing weather-driven wind risks

Aug 09, 2019

Wind is cheap and the 'fuel' is free but companies sometimes aren't fully aware of the financial impact for them when the variable resource fails to deliver. REcharge's Richard Kessler and Lee Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of REsurety, discuss weather-driven risks and the innovative products REsurety offers.

What is a Proxy Generation PPA?

Jul 25, 2019

Learn more about how Proxy Generation PPAs help to reallocate the operational risks of projects between sellers and off-takers.

The Next Generation of Risk Management for Renewable Energy

May 17, 2019

Contributing author, REsurety’s CEO Lee Taylor, breaks down how Proxy Revenue Swaps work, and outlines the benefits of risk mitigation tools.

A Better Way For Corporations To Buy Green Power? The Proxy Revenue Swap

Apr 08, 2019

Forbes covers the risks inherent to buying and selling energy from renewable sources - and the tools available to address those risks.

Risk Mitigation Strategies Increasingly Popular

Jan 17, 2019

Craig Richards of Windpower Monthly and REsurety's CEO, Lee Taylor, discuss the growing popularity in risk mitigation strategies for the renewable energy industry.

The Year of the Corporate PPA

Dec 21, 2018

Greentech Media covers the unprecedented volume of C&I transactions and significant innovations brought to market in 2018 - featuring REsurety's Volume Firming Agreement.

Volume Firming Agreement could expand corporate renewable energy deals to smaller buyers

Nov 20, 2018

Utility Dive covers Microsoft's use of the Volume Firming Agreement to de-risk its PPAs, as well as the VFA's broader potential to support expansion of the C&I buyers market.

Wind Engineering covers Engie's announcement of East Fork Wind Project

Nov 01, 2018

The Proxy Revenue Swap joins a PPA with Brown-Forman to provide the revenue risk certainty needed for ENGIE to begin construction of the 196MW project in Kansas.

Microsoft has figured out a way to reduce risks associated with PPAs

Oct 16, 2018

GreenBiz covers Microsoft's use of Volume Firming Agreements to eliminate the intermittent generation risk of their renewable energy PPAs.

Australian packaging giant buys "baseload green power"

Jun 19, 2018

Packaging firm Orora collaborates with Allianz and Nephila Capital to buy clean energy from Macquarie's Lal Lal wind farm without the challenge of facing the wind project's fuel intermittency risk.

2017 Weather Risk Deal of the Year: Old Settler Wind's Proxy Revenue Swap

Jun 30, 2017

Old Settler Wind Farm's use of the innovative Proxy Revenue Swap hedging structure wins the Weather Risk Deal of the Year award for 2017.

Environmental Finance: Weather is the new fuel risk

Apr 27, 2017

Nephila Climate's Richard Oduntan and Dan Stilwell discuss the growing role of weather risk management in renewable power generation.


Covariance Risk: What it is and How to Manage it

Jun 20, 2019

Norton Rose Fulbright’s June 2019 Project Finance NewsWire features an interview with Lee Taylor, REsurety's CEO on covariance risk and how to manage it. It starts on Page 21.  The article is based on a Feb. 2019 Currents Podcast.

Podcast: Covariance Risk with REsurety

Feb 05, 2019

Get up to speed on the latest risk issues in clean energy development. REsurety CEO Lee Taylor joins Todd Alexander and Rob Eberhardt from Norton Rose Fulbright with a look at the latest developments for weather/fuel related risks for renewables.

RMI Business Renewables Center (BRC) Report: A Corporate Purchaser's Guide to Risk Mitigation

Jan 16, 2019

Our CEO Lee Taylor offered some insight into this new report by The Business Renewables Center (BRC), a program of Rocky Mountain Institute.

Podcast: Mitigating weather risk in existing offtake contracts

Dec 18, 2018

Project sponsors and corporate electricity purchasers are entering into two new types of arrangements to mitigate risk in existing offtake contracts.

Orrick, Microsoft & REsurety Whitepaper: Proxy Generation PPAs

Oct 16, 2018

Orrick, Microsoft and REsurety describe the Proxy Generation PPA: what it is and why it represents a necessary evolution of the corporate clean energy buyer's contract.

REsurety and Energy GPS white paper: The "P99 Hedge" That Wasn't

May 16, 2018

REsurety - in collaboration with the team at Energy GPS - analyzed the performance of "P99 Hedge" contracts in the ERCOT market, demonstrating how their actual financial performance tends to differ dramatically from expectations.

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