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Power Purchase Agreements for renewable energy offer corporate energy buyers the opportunity to pursue two laudable goals: (1) doing good by reducing their environmental footprint, and (2) doing well by reducing the impact of energy cost uncertainty on their business.

However, traditional Power Purchase Agreement contract structures may leave corporate buyers holding financial risks that they don't want and can't manage. REsurety's products and services for corporate buyers were developed to bridge the gap between what corporate buyers want and what traditional PPAs offer.

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Volume Firming Agreement

The timing and quantity of energy consumed by a manufacturing facility or data center are predictable. The timing and quantity of energy generated by a wind or solar farm is not.

As a result, a PPA’s effectiveness in protecting a corporate buyer's P&L against energy costs depends on a volatile ingredient: the weather. A Volume Firming Agreement enables corporate buyers to mitigate this generation intermittency risk.  Combined with the original PPA, a Volume Firming Agreement provides corporate buyers with increased certainty in their future energy consumption costs. 

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